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╬The $eventh Exalted Crusade╬

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 $thx Crusade ✠Position Powers✠

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PostSubject: $thx Crusade ✠Position Powers✠   Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:11 pm


Manages the clan and forums
Manages all the members
Able to promote,demote,recruit.
And All the other things other lower ranks can.

✠ Leader ✠
Able to recruit
Manages lower ranked members
Able to warn a member.

✠1st Class Crusader ✠
Notifies the higher ranks if a member broke a rule,is inactive.
Votes players recruitment apps with reason.

✠Lower ranked non-listed ranks have no powers but are able to Notify the higher ranks if a member broke a rule,is inactive. ✠
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$thx Crusade ✠Position Powers✠
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